Heralds of Chaos

Session 26 - Bacon!


Players:Arcane, Jesse, Nick and Philippe

Here is the recording

The tavern is no longer fit for habitation and our party sets forth to gather information. First a quick stop in with A. Griffin and a meeting with the Lady. Here they are presented with an aid, one Mr. Bakunhaeg Muphin, presented by A. Griffin as an agent to help our heroes navigate the deadly back-streets of Altdorf. Our next stop is to the Gardens of Mor to speak with the Director. Disaster! The Direct is missing and signs lead to his kidnapping. Swift action leads to a foot chase as Kazrack Kazaar finds that there is one brother too many within the gardens. The rest of the gang follows a trail that Moz is able to trace out of the Gardens and into a deserted bakery. Some hijinks insue as the bakery is investigated and the Director is found, still alive but poisoned. A hasty plan is thrown together to move the director from the bakery to the healing mercies of the Temple to Shalya, but the procession is interrupted by an attack!

We get back to our game with a new player, introducing Philippe playing the fantastic Bakunhaeg Muphin. Richard is absent from this recording but we hope to have him in the party again soon.


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