Claudius Blackoak

Wounds Corruption Fortune Fatigue Stress Defence Soak
Threshold 14 14 3 8 6 - -
Current 0 0 3 0 0 0 0


[ ] [ ] & [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Strength 4(1) Athletics [ ] [ ] [ ] Swimming
Intimidate [ ] [ ] [ ]
Weapon Skill [ ] [ ] [ ] Greatswords
Toughness 4(1) Resilience [ ] [ ] [ ] Resist disease
Agility 4(0) Ballistics Skill [ ] [ ] [ ]
Coordination [ ] [ ] [ ]
Ride [ ] [ ] [ ]
Skulduggery [ ] [ ] [ ]
Stealth [ ] [ ] [ ]
Intelligence 3(0) First Aid [ ] [ ] [ ]
Folklore [ ] [ ] [ ]
Intuition [ ] [ ] [ ]
Nature Lore [ ] [ ] [ ]
Observation [ ] [ ] [ ] Eavesdropping
Willpower 3(0) Discipline [ ] [ ] [ ] Resist Fear
Fellowship 2(0) Charm [ ] [ ] [ ]
Guile [ ] [ ] [ ]
Leadership [ ] [ ] [ ] Military
Statistic Advanced Skills
Intelligence 3(0) Education [ ] [ ] [ ]
  • Talents
    • Resolute- Focus
    • Robust- Tactics
    • Flanking Manoeuvre- Tactics
  • Actions
    • All 8 Basic
    • Path of Autumn Wind
    • Speed of Asuryan
    • Path of the Summer Gale
    • Final Stroke of the Master
    • Improved Dodge
    • Who’s Next?
    • My Life for Yours
    • Improved Parry
    • Bodyguard
Career Ability Dedication?
High Elf Night Vision Two fewer [ ] [ ] misfortune dice are added to a high elf ’s dice pool for any effects from darkness or lack of sufficient light N/A
Boatman You may remove [ ] from your dice pool when attempting Athletics, Coordination, Stealth, or Discipline checks while on a boat, ship, or unstable surface. Yes
Sword Master You have a Greatsword of Hoeth. Take the Greatsword of Hoeth item card. You cannot give away, sell, lend, or trade this sword. Yes
Duellist When you are engaged with only one enemy and no other characters, you gain [ ] to all attacks and +1 Defence No

Weapon Damage Critical Range Group Qualities Craftsmanship
Longbow 5 3 Long Bow Pierce (1), Two-handed, Special2 Average
Greatsword of Hoeth 6 2 N/A Great Weapon Two-handed, Special3 Average

2 Can shoot at extreme range, add a <> if you do

3 The Greatsword of Hoeth is a superior elf-crafted weapon; it grants [ ] to the dice pool of all attacks made while a Sword Master is wielding it. When dealing critical damage, reveal two critical wounds per critical inflicted and choose one to apply as a critical. Turn the other back facedown as a normal wound.

Armour Defence Soak Qualities Craftsmanship
Ulthuan Scale 1 3 5 Enc. for High Elves, 7 for others Average


  • Exceptional Clothes
  • Backpack
  • Another set of clothes
  • Dagger
  • Knick-Knacks
  • 8 Gold Coins
  • 128 Silver Coins
  • 90 Brass Coins
  • (payment for party bodyguarding, unknown amount of coins… listen to audio when published)
  • Greatsword of Hoeth
  • Longbow
  • 12 Arrows
  • Ulthuan Scale

Enc- ??/21


Claudius Blackoak is a mere impetuous youth at 201 years of age.

He was born into the wealthy & noble Blackoak family, one of the most well respected shipping companies in the Island continent of Ulthuan, and while he trained in war (as are all High Elves) there was no expectation for him to enter the soldiering class unless the High Elves were came under attack (as they so frequently are).

His father, Finlain, subtly encouraged Claudius to train in ‘the family business’ and, when the time was appropriate, sent him to learn all the workings of boating on the Seas of Dreams and Dusk from the ground up. Some of the crew on the ship he was assigned to saw him as a ‘spoiled noble elf who had come on-board and could not pull his weight’, they were pleasantly surprised when he did all the jobs that were asked of him but others had already talked to him before he boarded and were trying to curry favour with their employer’s son, they had offered to do some of the ships worst tasks for him and he had readily accepted their aid on days when things were too tough, smelly or dirty for him to abide.

One of the trips across the Sea of Dreams terminated in Saphery and with a few days before the ship needed to depart again Claudius took a horse and went to see the tower of Hoeth. He watched with rapt attention the Swordmasters of Hoeth and their precision, both of movement and thought, and marvelled at the poetry they produced. It was right then and there that he decided to forego his boatman training and instead dedicated himself to training under the Loremaster in the White Tower.

When Claudius’ father found out about this desertion of his ‘studies’ he was disappointed with his son’s lack of interest in the business. Cutting Claudius out of the family would be a disgrace on the whole family that Finlain could not bring himself to do but he did refuse to speak to his son until ‘he had learned the error of leaving things half done’ and secretly did all he could to encourage the family to stop contacting Claudius, hopefully hastening this realisation.

Fortunately for Claudius his older sister, Rhianna, had always had a soft spot for him and ignored their father’s subtle directions, she visited as frequently as she was able to and conveyed all the family gossip and courtly scandal that you could. At first Claudius was grateful for his sister to give up so much of here time travelling to the White Tower as much as she did but it soon became clear to him that there was a second reason for visiting, she had become infatuated with another trainee at the tower, one who was nearing the end of his training as Claudius’ was just beginning.

Malekith was not the best Swords Master trained, nor the bravest but he was the flashiest. His moves were always more dramatic than necessary and his sword and armour kept to look their best. While he might not always win any sparing tournaments, his were the matches that were always talked about.

After Malekith left the Tower Rhianna’s visits to Claudius became less frequent though she did send letters in her place, but she was sure to come visit her brother when Malekith was to make a report back at the tower. Malekith had noticed Rhianna too, and after years of teasing one another the two became betrothed.

Soon (by High Elf standards of time) after they were betrothed Malekith was called back to the Saphery to take up an undisclosed mission, something that would have taken him away from Rhianna for only a short while. He has not been seen since.

The Blackoak name has little pull within the White Tower and the little that it does have is nto enough to find out what task Malekith was assigned but Claudius has managed to find out that the mission involved travelling outside of Ulthuan to the world of man/continent of whatever.

The loss of a single High Elf is cause for concern, and to lose a Swords Master would be an even greater blow.

Has Malekith been killed performing his mission for the Saphery? Or has he run away from his betrothed and dishonoured the Blackoaks? For a second time Claudius has forsaken his ‘studies’, falling back on his boatman training to secure passage outside of Ulthuan, he intends to follow whatever leads he finds and locate Malekith and bring him back to Rhianna, whatever the reason for his lack of communication!


<non-high-elves>, why did it have to be <non-high-elves>?
Quick to notice, quick to take offence
Family comes first, and you are my adopted family
My blood is blue-er than yours… But not as blue as his

Claudius Blackoak

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