Kazrack Kazaar

Threshold Max Current
Wounds 16 0
Corruption 14 2
Fortune 3 3
Encumbrance 25 23
Fatigue 6 0
Stress 6 0
Defence 3 0
Soak 9 4
Conservative Reckless
[] [] [] []
Statistic Rank Skills
Strength 4(0) Athletics Swimming Intimidate Weapon Skill-1
Toughness 4(0) Resilience-1
Agility 3(0) Ballistics Skill Coordination Ride Skulduggery Stealth
Intelligence 5(0) First Aid Folklore-1 Intuition-1 (Detect Lies) Nature Lore Observation-1(Minute details) Education(acquired)
Willpower 3(0) Discipline
Fellowship 4(1) Charm-1 Guile-1 Leadership

Weapon Damage Critical Range Quality Encumbrance
Hand Axe 5 3 Engaged Normal 3
Crossbow 6 3 Engaged Normal 4
Spear 5 3 Engaged Superior 4
Armour Defence Soak Quality Encumbrance
Breastplate & Chain 1 4 Normal 6
Tower Shield 2 1 Normal 5
Talent Type Effect
Smarter than he looks Focus +1 to Int,exhaust the card, take a stress
Ascetic Upbringing Reputation Fortune die to Discipline and Resilience checks

-Disorienting Strike
-Reckless Cleave
-Do You Know Who I Work For?
-Formal Diplomacy
-Honeyed Words
-All Basic Cards

Academic & Writing Tools- Paper & Quill Pens
Bindings- Short Lengths of Ropes
Climbing Tools-Silk Ropes & Pitons
Illumination- Storm Lantern
First Aid Kit
Healing Potion: 4
Lesser Healing Potion:4
Bolts: 12

Grudge: A Karak Azgaraz dwarf gains fortune dice to all Melee
Attack and Ranged Attack actions against Greenskins,
and against any target that has wounded him. This
bonus lasts until the end of the encounter

Navigator Career Ability: You may spend one fortune point to
get your bearings when lost, discern true north, or
add two fortune dice to a check to navigate in foreign terrain

Career Ability: Once per session, you may suffer one
stress and one fatigue to add Δ to any skill check


Kazrack Kazaar appears to be an average dwarf until one looks into Kazaar’s eyes. He is 4’ 5” with a short blond beard. He is merely 50 years ago. He wears a set of old brigantine armor over a set of comfortable travelling clothes and wields a dwarven hand axe. His eyes contain a cold malevolent intelligence that most feel somewhat uncomfortable around. They move constantly seemingly missing nothing and weigh everything. He never smiles and rarely laughs. He wears two pedants around his neck. The first is the rune of Hrungnor ancestor of Death and Lost Causes and the second is one that contains a picture of his wife and daughter.

Kazrack was an apprentice navigator when he met and fell in love with Shiola. He followed her to the Grey Mountains and married her after many trails her family set for him. They lived in her clan’s village at the edges of the Grey Mountains. Kazrack gained a reputation amongst military might as a extremely competent navigator and strategist. He gained great wealth by acting as a guide and advisor on these military expeditions.

Kazrack knew something was wrong as soon as he saw the cloud of smoke rise above the tree line. He raced blindly through the trees as prayers spilled from his lips. But, it was all for naught because the black knight’s men had come to his village. They infested his village looting and burning. Kazrack stayed hiddened at the edge of it. There was nothing one dwarf could do against the scores who were there. He stilled prayed and hoped that his family survived. He saw the black knight mount his horse and give the orders to burn the remaining structures and leave the village. Kazrack waiting until they were out of sight to go into the village. He found the bodies of all of his in-laws and his wife and his child. He spent a day burying them. Something inside of him shattered while he did so. He seeks training, money, and men to wipe out the black knight and his mean. Nothing will stop him from accomplishing this. Nothing.

Kazrack Kazaar

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